Welcome to MingDao University, a higher education institute dedicated to be innovative and practical. Our goal is to educate young talents like each of you to be the future leaders of our society and beyond. What you are going to experience is a set of newly renovated curriculum according to the international standard. In the near future when we completed the US higher education accreditation, MingDao University’s credits and degree will be fully recognized by the world. That will definitely open up a tremendous opportunity for you to explore the entire new world out there. I like to encourage each of you to prepare yourself with full curiosity and willingness to learn. The world is changing in an ever faster pace. You no longer see the landline payphone in every corner of streets as we used to rely on 20 years ago. You don’t write paper-based letters as we all switched to emails and even the social media as our default tool of communication. When you are all using laptop computers for all of your works, the new breed of mobile devices is about to replace all of it for business practice. The knowledge you learned from school is absolutely unable to guarantee your job advantage for too long.  So, learning how to learn is becoming the new mission for your college life.  Please open up for every bit of chance to learn in classroom, in social activity, in anywhere and anytime. You need to be very adoptive to carry on a legacy, and very adaptive to cope with the demanding challenge. There is reason to lean in a university setting, especially in MDU. It is the value and the variety that will set you apart from the ordinaries. I always enjoy of reminding my students with the MingDao Motto: Passion, Vision, Action. Those are easy to understand, but tough to realize. The simplest way for unexperienced young students like you to comprehend the true spirit of it is actually through series of failure when you attempt to do something big or small during your study here. You do learn from your failure. Let’s start your journey from the willingness to learn and see how magic it will change your perspective and life.